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Hi, my name is Naomi Enevoldson. I am married to Kristian and we have 3 great kids. We recently moved from busy Sydney to the most beautiful town of Coffs Harbour on the New South Wales North Coast in Australia. Living on 5 acres has been a huge change from our suburban Sydney block and it is great living a more self-sustainable life. There is nothing like eating organically grown vegetables and fruits that were alive just minutes before! I also have a keen interest in natural nutrition and wellness.

GROWING UP… I am one of 5 children and I grew up in a very multicultural community in South-West Sydney. From an early age we were brought up to give not just our money but also our time to help others. We were always volunteering our time for charities and non-profit organisations and my parents taught us the importance of giving money to others in need, even though we didn’t have much money ourselves. This was the foundation that was laid for Social Responsibility that would stay with me for life. From an early age, I loved helping people and I have continued to volunteer at and financially support various charity and non-profit organisations. We often had people from all over the world living or staying with us and so began my love for other countries, people groups, cultures and, without a doubt, food! I have since had the wonderful experiences to travel to Sri Lanka, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile, U.S.A., Fiji, New Zealand (just after the first Earthquake in 2010)India with a charity organisation in 2012, Mauritius, Vietnam and Cambodia in 2013, Mexico in 2014 to visit the orphanages our company supports with real food nutrition.


Naomi Enevoldson

EDUCATION AND WORK…I studied Early Childhood Education at University specialising in Children with Special Needs. My first job was at a centre run by The Sydney City Mission in one of the most disadvantaged areas in Sydney, which was challenging but very rewarding.In 1996, I started my own business as a Franchisee for Oshkosh B’Gosh Children’s Clothing in a major shopping centre in Sydney which I had for 7 years. This was a fantastic experience which would provide me with the training, skills and experience in business which I can now use as a Social Entrepreneur. After 2 years of building a very successful business, the company offered me 2 more stores. I took on just one more store until I fell pregnant with my second child and decided that this type of business was not conducive to raising a young family.I later went back to the much more family-friendly area of Early Childhood Education and took on a role as a Preschool Director and then, before we moved to Coffs Harbour, a Children’s Pastor. These roles enabled me to use the business and leadership skills I already had and develop them even more with a greater focus on serving others and making a difference in the lives of those around me. I found that I loved to train and develop others to see them reach their full potential.

After moving to Coffs Harbour, I came into to contact with some amazing people who were passionate about making a difference in the world. A friend of mine, Janine, the founder of the organisation, Empower 4 Life (Equipping the poor for sustainability), asked me and my husband to come on the Board for her organisation.  I went to India in February 2012 with a team to have a look at the various projects that Empower 4 Life had established and to see where there was some more need. Naomi Enevoldson   For an income, I have my own business, that I run from home, where I am working with a team of Social Entrepreneurs and our vision is to take a nutrient dense technology and provide it to over 100,000 malnourished children this year. See more about that on My Social Entrepreneurial Project page. I have been able to achieve some wonderful success in this business and was awarded Top Enroller 2012, Top National Director 2013, Top 5 Enrollers 2013, Top Enroller 2014, Top Senior Executive Director 2015 and recently have been promoted to Presidential Director. I train my team in the same strategies I used to become successful. They receive training and personal mentoring in how to build their business using both online and offline methods.

Naomi Enevoldson
Social Entrepreneurs have great passion, motivation and innovative solutions and I would love to share some of my experience in business  and leadership through this site so that together we can impact the world.

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  1. Dear Naomi,

    I am glad to be introduced to you and Blake’s good work. I am based out of Gurgaon, suburb to Delhi. I am available at + 91 9910176448. Let me know when ever you plan to be in India and I shall touch base to see what i can do for the project you guys have here in India.


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