Doing Well By Doing Good

Naomi Enevoldson

Can a business really make a profit while doing something that makes a difference?

For some people the concept of ‘doing well while doing good’ is hard to comprehend. It was for me when I first heard of it! I used to think that the only way you could make a difference was through charity work and volunteering, which were both close to my heart and something I have been actively involved in since I was a child. However, social entrepreneurship, take making a difference and social responsibility to another level!

In my post, Are Charities Becoming More Social Entrepreneurial?, I outline the need for Charity organisations to start thinking out of the box and look for ways to become more self-sustainable. Social entrepreneurship takes the passion and social mission of a non-profit and combines it with the cash-flow and resources of a for profit business.

My journey as a social entrepreneur in just a short time has been incredible! Not only have I been able to change the future of our family and have a lifestyle that I could only have ever dreamed about but through my success over 600 children are now being nourished through our social entrepreneurial program.

In 4 years I have been able to build a 6 figure income, working part-time from home. I have the freedom to work the hours that I want to work and be there for my family. In only 4 years, I had earned three 5 star weekends on the Gold Coast for our family, 5 star trip to Adelaide, a weekend in the Yarra Valley in Vic where we went in a hot air balloon, two trips to the USA for 2, an all-expenses trip to Mauritius for 2, a trip for 2 to Vietnam, A trip to Mexico to visit the orphanages where our business nourishes the children, a trip to Club Med China, a trip for 2 to Tahiti, a Pacific Island Cruise for my family, a trip for 2 to Hawaii and an iPad plus lots of bonuses!! We went from struggling to even pay for the groceries and debt piling up to having plenty of money to do the things we have always wanted like a dream family holiday to the USA last year. I was awarded Top Business Builder in 2012, Top 5 Business Builders, Top National Director and Executive Director in 2013, Top enroller for 2014, Top Snr Executive Director 2015 and new Presidential Director in 2015 . The same strategies I have used to build a successful social entrepreneurial business both online and offline, we now train our team and my team was the fastest growing team in our company.

I am building a team of people who want to join me to help champion the cause of malnutrition while building a substantial income. You can do this part-time around what you are already doing and it can fund your other projects. We are currently responsible for nourishing 600 children through my business but with your help, I think we could nourish 1000’s.

Would you like to do well by doing good?

If you are ready to live the good life

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