The sweetest way to provide your kids antioxidant protection

Let’s face it — kids go for taste, not necessarily nutrition. MannaBears supplements, naturally sweetened, colorful and chewy, are designed to taste delicious and support good health during the critical growing years.* They are a tasty alternative to today’s refined sugars and other junk foods.


The MannaBears chewables:

  • Deliver phytonutritional benefits of 11 dehydrated fruits and vegetables
  • Provide antioxidant support*
  • Support cellular health and function with our specially formulated Ambrotose® complex*

Ask yourself…do your kids get 7 serves of fruit and vegetables every day? With the diminishing nutritional value in our food, supplementation is more important now than ever!

Mannabears are all natural, plant-based and feature the latest, technologically advanced, glyconutritonal blend. They are 100% soluble compared to 3-5% for synthetic made vitamins and minerals. Give your kids the best nutrition!

A study of 3 million people revealed that less than 1% of the  participants got enough essential vitamins from diet alone (Dr Mehmet Oz). I have always understood the importance of supplements and gave them to my children but I was giving them the wrong type. Imagine my shock to find out that the ‘respected vitamins’ I was giving to my children contained coal tar and petroleum!

Until recently, synthetically made vitamins and inorganic minerals have provided the only source for standardised levels of  essential nutrients. Synthetic vitamins are made from coal tar or petroleum; and due to their low cost they are the primary choice of manufacturers of both nutritional supplements and enriched foods. Inorganic minerals, either mined or by-products of a chemical process, also provide an inexpensive source for supplementation, but do not have the solubility of minerals found in food.

Fruits and vegetables make vitamins in their tissues and then bond them to various minerals, fats, polysaccharides, amino acids and other vital Phytochemicals to create what is called a food matrix. Minerals become more soluble in food and this matrix of nutrients provides the co-factors required by the body for the proper absorption and utilization of all essential nutrients. It has become clear that the human body was designed to obtain its nutritional requirements from food.

Based on Real Food Technology solutions, Mannabears can help provide children with their daily nutritional needs. The best thing is that while you are giving nutrition to your children, Mannatech through the charity organisation, MannaRelief, will provide a month’s supply of nutrition to a Malnourished child. Now that really is Nutrition with purpose!!

To find out the amazing benefits of this product for your children go to this PDF on  Mannabears .

If you would like to make an order and improve your child’s health, please click on order now to make a secure order. You can register as a member (get 5% off retail price) for free and then make the order you want. Make sure you do it as an automatic order (get an additional 10% off) to ensure the nutrition is provided to a malnourished child too. Nourish your child while at the same time provide nourishment for a malnourished child. An automatic order can be cancelled at any time and all our products come with a 90 day money back guarantee.

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