Mannatech – Official dietary supplement company of the ISKA

What is ISKA?

Established in 1986, the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) is the world’s most recognized sanctioning and regulatory body for competitive martial arts and combat sports. The ISKA:

  • Maintains a continued commitment to training and certifying officials
  • Updates rules and regulations
  • Recognizes both worthy champions and world-rated contenders

What is Mannatech’s relationship to ISKA?

Mannatech has been chosen as the official dietary supplement company of the ISKA and the U.S. Open.

Mannatech was handpicked by ISKA as the only company for inclusion in the ISKA Certified for Elite Athletes program. This alliance combines the high standards that ISKA demands of its athletes with those that Mannatech demands of its products.

What is ISKA Certification?

The ISKA Certified for Elite Athletes program was developed by ISKA to recognize high-quality dietary supplements.

ISKA Certification is awarded only to products that have been rigorously tested by third-party agencies to ensure exceptional quality. Certified products are verified to be free of any undeclared contaminants. You can be sure that the ingredients on the label are the ingredients in the product—nothing more, nothing less.


Mannatech Products Certified by the ISKA
Advanced Ambrotose® capsules
Advanced Ambrotose® powder
Ambrotose® complex capsules
Ambrotose® complex powder
Ambrotose AO® capsules
BounceBack® capsules
Optimal Support Packets
PhytoMatrix® caplets
PLUS™ caplets
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