Passing On Excellence

The 4 steps to passing on excellence to others.

Knowing how to pass on excellence is a very important skill to have in business but also just as important in family life. We can set a good example of excellence that others can learn from but, I have found, the best way to pass on excellence is to teach it. With both my staff and my children, I have intentionally taught them excellence.

For my staff, the excellence I would pass on, would be having an extremely high level of customer service. We would go above and beyond what was expected of us. This would be in the appearance of the store, the way we treated customers and the additional services we offered customers to make their experience in the store outstanding. I set a culture that nothing was too difficult and we would go to great lengths to make our customers happy.

Last year both of my children won the award for ‘The Pursuit Of Excellence’ for their class’ out of 60 children. Excellence is something I have passed on to my children, it is something I have taught them.  I will show you a simple example through the following 4 steps to passing on excellence:

Step 1 – I do, you watch eg. My son put  together a PowerPoint presentation for school. I asked him if I could show him how to add some special features to make it really interesting. I then showed him how to do a couple special features.

Step 2 – I do, you help eg. I continued to apply a few more special effects but he showed me how he wanted them.

Step 3 – You do, I help eg. He then applied the special effects and I helped him when he needed it.

Step 4 – You do, I watch eg. He did the rest of the special effects and I came back later to look at it. When he proudly showed his older sister the presentation, she said “Good on you, you’re continuing the Enevoldson family tradition”. I found it interesting that she pointed out that the family tradition was excellence.

Now apply these steps to your staff or team so you can pass on excellence. Please do not rush through the steps, it is a process and remember excellence is a habit not an act. This is the way others can have ownership because it gives them time to learn, practice and to develop excellence. Remember, excellence is about them living their best life and to their highest potential too so what a wonderful trait it is to pass on!

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