Great Idea But What About Funding?

The Great Funding Dilemma For A Social Entrepreneur

Many Social Entrepreneurs start off with innovative solutions but are unable to see their ideas come into fruition due to the lack of start-up funding. Funding is without a doubt the biggest challenge facing social entrepreneurs and many social enterprises are underfunded and subsequently their self-sustainability and social impact are restricted.

It is important to look at creative funding solutions and social entrepreneurs are getting more resourceful in the way that they are going after funding. Social enterprises cannot expect to be carried by one source of funding anymore, and need to look at different ways of blending capital to create the largest social impact. Continue reading “Great Idea But What About Funding?” »

Are Charities Becoming More Social Entrepreneurial?

Social Entrepreneurship Versus Charity

Last night we had a Board Meeting for the Organisation I am a Director for called Empower 4 Life. We started to brainstorm ways in which raise money to equip the poor for self-sustainability. We discussed some fundraising ideas but the majority of the discussions centred around some social entrepreneurial projects that we could set up. Obviously, social entrepreneurship is my passion but when you look at traditional charity organisations around the world, there is a merging trend to use more entrepreneurial practices to become financially sustainable. Continue reading “Are Charities Becoming More Social Entrepreneurial?” »