Goals Are Our GPS

There is an old Chinese saying: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Goals are the steps that help us acheive our dreams. Think of it like this: our dreams are our destination, our goals are the GPS that gets us there.

A few weeks ago, I went to Brisbane to a meeting. After the meeting, I wanted to go to the other side of Brisbane to stay at my niece’s house. So I put her address into the GPS and then followed the instructions. So easy right…no!

Some new overpasses had just been opened and the GPS didn’t recognise them. It thought I was in a paddock somewhere so needless to say, the instructions were wrong and I ended up lost. I did finally end up getting to my destination but it took a lot longer and, believe me, it was more stressful.

Too many of us treat goal setting the same way. We dream about all the things we want to acheive, our destination, but because we don’t have clear goals, our GPS, we often find ourselves wandering around lost or not even reaching our destination.

Goal setting needs to be more than simply scribbling down some ideas on a piece of paper. Our goals need to be complete and focused with clear steps on how we are going to reach our destination.

When you start your journey, don’t look at how far it is until you get there, take it one step at a time.