Social Entrepreneurs Make Change Happen

The 5 Principles to making an impact regardless of your situation.

Have you ever felt like you are bursting at the seams? I don’t mean that your jeans are getting too tight, although that may be the case, it was with me. I mean that you have huge dreams, vision and passion, but for some reason, out of your control, you haven’t been able to realise them yet.

I liken it to being in a small room with lots of doors. The room has a big window so you can see what is going on outside but the doors are not open. This is where I found myself over the past year and a half. We had moved from a big city to a smaller town, which we loved, but there were fewer opportunities and sometimes it felt like  I was going backwards.

So what do you do when you are in a small room?

  1. Dream BIG!!
  2. Find your purpose – What is your passion? What motivates and inspires you?
  3. Set clear goals to achieve your dreams.
  4. Pursue excellence where you are – Go above and beyond what is expected of you in every area of your life.
  5. Bring value to the lives of others

Just when I thought I would be in the small room forever, the doors started opening wide and amazing new opportunities presented! Don’t let your life be dictated by your circumstances.

Are Charities Becoming More Social Entrepreneurial?

Social Entrepreneurship Versus Charity

Last night we had a Board Meeting for the Organisation I am a Director for called Empower 4 Life. We started to brainstorm ways in which raise money to equip the poor for self-sustainability. We discussed some fundraising ideas but the majority of the discussions centred around some social entrepreneurial projects that we could set up. Obviously, social entrepreneurship is my passion but when you look at traditional charity organisations around the world, there is a merging trend to use more entrepreneurial practices to become financially sustainable. Continue reading “Are Charities Becoming More Social Entrepreneurial?” »